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The funding toolkit is set up in three distinct, but consecutive stages. Scroll down to learn more about each stage.

Stage 1: Preparation

How to propose your Business Model

How to position your team

How to display your Product-Market fit

Pitch deck template

How to formulate your “investor e-mails”

E-mail template

DO NOTS in e-mailing

Investor database

Stage 2: The negotiation

How to formulate your personal story (e-course)

Your pitch (e-course)

DO NOTS- red flags for investors

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Stage 3: Finalization


How to formulate due diligence material (legal, financial, terms)

How to interpret term sheet (for VCs)

Financials template

How to start community-driven finance (crowdfunding, sharefunding, STOs)


Bonus: Funding essentials


Growth potential/scalability




Risks and mitigations


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